We are honoured to present you a wonderful event, where the scholars from all over the world present their views and observations on combat. The event will be held in a picturesque city of Leiden, located in the south part of the Netherlands. The event will be held on 22.06.2018 so make sure you book your spot!

Combat in the past is often studied from the perspective of large battles and warfare. However, this practice is far more intertwined with a society’s ‘everyday life’. In several cultures, people main contact with armed violence was not through large-scale conflicts, but it took place in far smaller ‘domestic’ contexts. Even in times of peace, a community’s routine was often littered with events like street clashes or more formalised fights, such as duels.

The aim of the symposium is to bring together researchers with different backgrounds to discuss the characteristics and implications of learning and practising armed combat away from traditional battlefields from prehistory to the early modern period.